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5 Ways to Date Smart as a Busy Young Professional

Dating, in general, is difficult, but as a young professional, it can be exceedingly challenging. Sometimes it gets difficult to balance the time advancing our careers and our side hustles with scheduling dates. However, dating and working isn’t a new concept. It’s all about time management and learning how to prioritize.
Below are five tips to successfully date as a young professional.

1. Use Location-Based Apps

Using location-based services will help you meet singles in your immediate area. This is important for managing time. Who has time to drive 40 miles to meet a date? It’s a good idea to set the location services to 20-30 miles, whatever you are comfortable traveling. Here is a link to an article for the best dating apps for busy young professionals: Bustle.

2.  Use a Night Into Your Advantage

Who says you have left the house to go on a date? Would only recommend this option once you know and like the person you are dating, but opt for a night in after a long day rather than a night out. Rent a movie and make some popcorn and call it good!

3. Pick a Partner Who Has a Similar Schedule

If you work 12 hours a day, it probably isn’t wise to date someone who works 4 hours a day. If there are large discrepancies with the amount of free time you two have, problems might arise! Definitely give it a chance, but if someone starts demanding too much of your time without respecting your time boundaries, give it up! There is plenty of fish in the sea!

4. Be Selective

Be selective about who you are choosing to go on a date with. Instead of accepting every random bumble dinner date, choose wisely. If you want to spend a little money on something like or a similar website, I think it would be worth it. In my opinion, the more compatible you are before you go on a date, the better! While I have never used, I know it does a good job of pairing you with people with similar demographics! Perfect. If you would rather meet somebody in person, community functions such as chamber mixers, professional associations, or events are a good place!

5. Say No to “Time Sucks”

On our recent trip to San Fransisco, Meagan’s best friend reminded me that guys will always show if they are interested in you. Meaning they will ask you on a date if they are interested. If you are spending a significant amount of time talking to a guy and getting to know him, and he hasn’t asked you out, I’d say “boy, bye.” Protect your time. Time is money, and if someone is wasting it, again remember there are plenty of fish in the sea.
Thanks for reading!! Would love to hear your dating suggestions!

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