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Dairy Free, Gluten Free Enchilada Recipe

This recipe was so quick and easy and so good! I made these the exact same way as regular enchiladas, but just substituted the ingredients that had dairy and gluten for non lactose and gluten free items.  Everything tasted amazing!  I always skip past the long introductions when I am searching for recipes online, so I am going to save you time and just get to it. 


  •  1 Rotisseri Chicken
  •  2 Cans Red Enchilada sauce (or green sauce-- whatever you like) 
  •  1 Bag dairy free cheddar cheese or mexican cheese if your store has it 
  •  1 package gluten free tortillas
  •  whatever toppings you'd like. We just had dairy free sour cream and cilantro 

How to make

  • In a bowl, shred rotisseri chicken. Add one can of enchilada sauce. Add a handful of cheese. You can also add in some beans if you'd like more protein. Stir together
  • In a pan, pour half of the other can of sauce on the bottom of the pan
  • take a tortilla, fill with a spoon full or two  chicken mixture. wrap up like a burrito
  • lay the tortilla in the pan, and continue doing this until the mixture and tortillas are filled
  • pour the remaining sauce on top of the tortillas
  • add the rest of the cheese
  •  cover, and bake at 350 for 20-30 minutes

top with favorite topping and enjoy! 


Thanks for reading!

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