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First Time Getting a Facial? Here Is What to Expect

The other week, I went to AJ's Wicked Salon and Spa in Spa in Rapid City and had my very first facial. It was absolutely incredible. I have always been skeptical of facials because I just didn’t really understand the benefits, and was nervous to spend that much money on an unknown. However, after trying the eminence skin care products, and sitting in the spa room while I was receiving some samples of the products and makeup, I knew I needed to try a facial. The spa room was so dreamy and relaxing.

Before We Began the Facial

First, I changed out of my street clothes and got into a robe. We then started the spa service by dipping my hands in paraffin wax (amazing). The wax was left on throughout the facial.

The Facial

We then got started with the facial. We used all Eminence Organic products. Truthfully, I don’t think I will ever get a facial with nonorganic products, because I cannot imagine putting all of those chemicals on my skin for an hour straight. My face tingled, etc. (in a good way) from the organic products, so thinking about what the chemical products would do to my skin freaks me out.

Products Used

Jamie, the esthetician, used the stonecrop cleansing oil and the eucalyptus cleanser to double cleanse. From there, she exfoliated with their super abrasive pear and poppy, round brushed, and applied the exfoliating clear skin Willow bark peel with a cotton round and put the eight greens hot masque cocktails with their clear skin mask. She then topped me off with their citrus and kale serum bamboo forming fluid and their clear skin moisturizer. See my previous blog post discussing the Eminence Organic Skin Care kind.
While I had the mask on, Jamie removed the wax from my hands and arms and massaged my upper extremities. After the facial, my face was a bit red for an hour or two. Thus, if you can a facial over the weekend, or during a time during the week when you don’t have plans, I would recommend it.

The End Result

The results of the facial were amazing. I left feeling relaxed, and my skin was glowing for the next few days. My blemishes calmed down since Jamie did some extractions during the facial as well. I was very pleased with the results.

Where Can You Get Your Own Eminence Facial?

Click this link to find a spa near you that carries eminence products. If you live in Rapid City, I would highly recommend going to AJ's Wicked Salon and Spa.
Thank you for reading!

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