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Guide to Transitioning from Finals, to Law School Graduation, to Bar Prep

If you are graduating from law school in May, CONGRATULATIONS! It is such a fun and exciting time in life! While it is so exciting to be graduating, it is also stressful preparing for finals, making graduation arrangements, figuring out a bar prep study schedule, and so on. Here are five tips to help you transition from finals to graduation, to bar prep smoothly.

1. Focus On One Thing At A Time

Focus on one thing at a time. Since finals are the first thing on the list, focus on those. Try to put bar prep and graduation out of your mind until you get through finals. This is pretty simple, but it can be easy to get overwhelmed by quickly approaching graduation and bar prep.

2. Ask For Assistance

After finals, it's time to focus on graduation! Try to focus on graduations events, and not worry about impending bar prep. Again, focus on one thing at a time.  Additionally, I wish I would have just asked my mom or sister to plan some of the more specific things about graduation such as hotel reservations, flights, rides to and from the airport, etc.  Looking back, it would have made things a lot easier.   However, if you don’t have somebody to plan a party and you still have guests coming to graduation to support you,  just make a quick dinner reservation for your guests and call it good. Trust that those who are flying in to support you can take care of their own arrangements.

3. Give Yourself A Break

After graduation is finished (YAY!), what do you do with your extra time?  At my law school, we were required to immediately start bar prep the Monday after we graduated. In my opinion,  it would have been much better to take a week off from finals and graduation to relax before jumping into bar prep. So, if you have the option, I would relax, decompress, and get things together for bar prep.

4. Move To The City Where Your Bar Will Be

Move to the state where your bar is in between graduation and bar prep. I chose to stay near Chicago and move home right before the bar. However, it is highly advised to move to the location or state where you will be taking the bar to study. Why? Because chances are you’ll be distracted by having to move after bar prep, and thus, not retain bar prep materials.

5. Begin Bar Prep

If you have to move, get settled in and find your study location. If you don’t have to move, do the same. Whether it is a library, a coffee shop, a lecture room, or a desk in your home, find a place where you want to spend a couple of months studying. Remember you can and should switch up your study space. Finally, if you are taking BARBRI, I would strongly recommend beginning the early start program. It will help you transition into bar prep smoothly. It also provides an introduction to BARBRI’s program and it will make bar prep less daunting.

Thanks for reading! Please comment with any questions!

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