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Spring 2018 Rebecca Minkoff Sample Sale Picks

Feeling bored with the tote I've been using for work for the past several months, I began searching for a new tote today. I am sure you have seen from my Instagram stories, but I recently agreed to advertise a few new brands on, and I am thrilled about this. Never would I have imagined when I started this blog that Attorney Attire would be working with nationally known brands, but I am so honored (and excited)!
Anyways, Rebecca Minkoff is one of the brands you will see dispersed throughout Attorney Attire. What I love about Rebecca Minkoff is first, who she is as a person outside of the brand. She is a mother and a savvy business owner. On top of that, she creates incredible pieces. Together, these attributes created an amazing brand.
Naturally, the first place I looked for a new tote was Rebecca Minkoff. They are currently having a sample sale right now. So, I went through the sale and curated my top picks for you. My absolute favorite picks are the Black Stella Studs bootie, and the Fallen Phone Crossbody. The crossbody would be super cute for summer festivals or events! The tote I selected was the Moto Satchel Tote. It costs $148.00 and is on sale for $335.00 (what!).

M.A.C. Crossbody $118.00

Moto Satchel Tote $148.00 On Sale From $335.00 (What!)

M.A.B. Tote Mini $98.00

Side Zip Medium M.A.B. Tote $178.00

Fallen Phone Crossbody $68.00

Wonder Phone Crossbody $70.00

Small Vanity Saddle $148.00

Medium Julian Backpack $123.00

Ronnie Tee $59.00

Stella Studs Bootie $134.00

Raven Top $89.00

Feminin Sweatshirt $44.00

Thanks for reading!

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