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The Best Tights to Wear to Work This Winter

Tights are one of the best things about a winter wardrobe. They keep your legs warm during freezing temps, and also help extend your summer wardrobe a few extra months. Tights definitely scare some women aesthetically, but if worn correctly, they are a game-changer.

I have spent years looking for a comfortable pair of tights to wear under skirts and dresses. After trying on endless pairs, I finally found a brand I can't live without and am so excited to share them with you!! These tights are from a company called Heist. The company is located in the UK, but they ship worldwide!

I did a little research about the company and here is what I found:

  1. Heist’s design begins and ends with women – for every product they produce, they work with hundreds of women to gain a deep understanding of what they want from their underwear.
  2. Heist figured out what would stop tights digging in at the waist--An adaptive waistband. To design a waistband you can move in, Heist looked to the flexible waistband on yoga leggings for inspiration. Treating the waistband as a separate component to the legs, knitted on a dedicated machine, the Heist waistband is available in two heights: Low, to sit comfortably on the hips; or High, to hug the waist.
  3. Do you know when your tights itch the backs of the thighs after a few hours? Heist figured out how to solve that problem by using the highest quality yarn. Try wrapping 5,000 spirals of nylon around each inch of elastane (that’s ten times the industry average) to create the softest yarn available – that’s what Heist did. Add to that slowing down their knitting machine to operate at 400 rotations per minute (the industry average is 700 to 1,200), to ensure even coverage and fewer missed stitches.
With the yoga waistband, these tights feel like you are constantly wearing yoga pants. How perfect is that for a long day at the office? They are so comfortable. The first time I wore them, I didn't want to take them off.  Also, My friend Emily has worn her Heist Tights 30 + times with no rips or tears, so it is safe to say they are a great investment.


The winter range (The Fifty, The Eighty) is available in the UK sizes 04-24, while the spring range (The Thirty, The Nude) is available in the UK sizes 04-14. Prices start from £19-£24 ($23-$30 U.S.D).

Available exclusively via Heist Studios. Worldwide shipping available.

  • What’s more, Heist offers a First Pair Promise to all new customers: if the tights don’t feel perfect, they will happily exchange or refund them within 28 days of delivery.
The packaging of these tights was beautiful, and they came with care instructions and a bag to store them in!!

Thanks for reading!

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