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Watermelon Salad

Okay, so this is the BEST summer recipe. It is so easy, and so delicious!



- Half of a watermelon

- One red onion

- Banana peppers

- Feta cheese

- Two cucumbers

- Romaine lettuce

For the dressing

- Olive oil

- Red Wine Vinegar

- Juice from one lemon 



This is super easy! First, just cut up your watermelon into cubes. Cut up onion,  and cucumber and throw into a bowl with watermelon. Throw in the banana peppers and the feta cheese. Mix together. Spoon over romaine lettuce bed. mix up dressing, and pour over salad. We also added grilled chicken to ours. This meal will last a few days. I wouldn't recommend mixing the lettuce in with the fruit unless you plan on eating the entire salad in one night. Otherwise, the lettuce will wilt. Enjoy!!


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